Monday, July 6, 2009

A Glimpse into the Future...

Look no hands! A perfectly straight centreline is mown on #15.

GPS Unit mounted on mower.

We have been working with Elmira Farm Service's Precision Management Team testing GPS guided steering on one of our fairway mowers. GPS technology has been used successfully in agriculture for quite some time but we are one of the first to test it in a golf course setting. Our dense canopy of trees makes us a worst case scenario for acquiring satellite signals but suprisingly there are very few areas where a signal can not be maintained. The advantages of GPS guided mowing are efficiency and aesthetics related. A very precise overlap can be maintained reducing operator error and saving time, fuel, and maintenance costs. As well, the perimeter of the fairway can be very precisely maintained meaning over time, the fairway width and contouring will stay exactly the same. Perfectly straight lines can also be mown which are aesthetically pleasing. The next step will be to try this technology on our fairway sprayer where savings of fertilizer, and pest control products could be very appealing.

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