Friday, May 14, 2010

A Busy Week...

The vicious winds last Saturday certainly kept our chainsaw, chipper, and staff busy this week. We are finally caught up but the course was quite a mess for several days. It seemed like we were doing our spring cleanup all over again.

We also had paving and curbing completed and the new paths look great. All that's left to do is tie in the edges with sod. It's hard to remember but the path at #4 green used to be on the other side of the large tree on the left side of the picture above. This is a great improvement for those of us who work the ball right to left!

Last but not least, the ice damaged greens have improved to the point that we will be opening #11 green tomorrow and #12 on Monday. The three damaged greens (11, 12, and 17) are still not perfect but they are playable. The height of cut will be a little higher on these greens for the next little while to enable further recovery. Thank you for your patience during this somewhat challenging spring.

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