Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tree Work

Logs stockpiled in upper parking lot
View from road to tennis courts with Austrian Pines removed

Skidder taking log to stockpile

Our annual removal of dead, diseased, and dangerous trees is underway.  We get this work done for free by a forestry company in exchange for the logs.  All trees being removed have been approved by the club's arborist and the Region of Waterloo tree bylaw staff.  The biggest change you will notice is at the practice tees.  The Austrian Pines between the tennis courts and practice tees were all dying of a disease known as diplodia tip blight.  These non-native trees are very susceptible to this disease and there is no known cure.  In fact it is such a problem that they are not planted at all anymore.  Please bear with us - the parking lot will look like a bit of a logging camp for the next little while until the logs are picked up and taken away.

I am still very encouraged by what I see out on the course in terms of winter injury.  It is looking like it will be a nice spring.  We are getting anxious to get back out on the course again after a long, traditional Canadian winter.  See you soon!   

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