Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drainage Update

Today, we start installing an 8 inch drainage mainline beginning at our outlet ditch behind the fifth tee.  This mainline will cross #5 and then head up the left side of #13 finally crossing #13 fairway and terminating on the right side of #14 fairway.  This new pipe will work in conjunction with an existing 6 inch pipe to drain a large part of the course much more quickly and at the same time take some of the pressure off of our sump pump between #5 and #13.  There is about 1500 feet of pipe to install and this will take several days to complete.  All of the tee blocks will be located on the Forward Tee on #5 for now.  Once we get onto the left side of #13, we will put all the tees on #5 back in play and move the blocks up beyond the construction area on #13.

We are also finishing up aerating fairways today and will then start topdressing them.

Thank you for your patience as we complete these necessary tasks and make improvements to the golf course. 

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