Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ready for Winter!

Slit drainage finished and cover installed on #4

We finished all of the tasks to prepare the course for winter late last week.  The drainage contractor is still on site finishing up and should be done this week.  Our seasonal staff has been laid off and we are basically ready for snow.  The best weather situation would be to have snow cover soon that stays all winter.  The snow provides nice insulation from extreme temperatures and prevents ice formation.   

A big thanks to all of the green staff who are up early preparing the course on a daily basis.  The heat and drought made this a particularly difficult year to work outdoors and it is easy to forget that without their efforts, the golf experience here would not be the same.

Have a great winter and holiday season! Although Mother Nature has the final say, we have worked hard to tip the odds in our favour for a great spring start.

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