Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well the calendar says Spring but the weather sure doesn't!  The course is still snow covered with just a few spots of grass showing through.  Hopefully the forecasted rain will help eliminate the snow by Monday.  Once the snow is gone, our first task will be to remove the winter covers from the greens.  This is my 12th spring at Westmount and the latest I have ever removed covers is April 1st.  That record may be broken this year!  I don't have any specific concerns however, I would like to see the turf underneath the covers - I'm never totally at ease until the covers are off and the grass starts to grow.  Once the covers are off, we clean up all the sticks, leaves and debris from the course in preparation for mowing.  We will also be aerating and topdressing all of the greens before opening.  Other tasks include checking and adjusting sand depths in bunkers, starting up the irrigation system, and finishing off some sodding from last fall's drainage installation.  In conjunction with all of these tasks the weather has to cooperate so that the playing surfaces dry out, firm up, and the grass begins growing.  We want the turf to be actively growing when we open so it can withstand and recover from the wear and tear caused by golf.  I do not have an opening date yet but I will provide timely updates to this blog as we go forward.  Have a great weekend and think warm thoughts!        

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