Monday, April 29, 2013

Opening Day Tomorrow!

#2 Green following aeration
 We will be opening the course tomorrow at 8:30am.  You will notice that the greens have been aerated with large tines.  We changed the timing of our greens aeration last year so that all of our large tine aeration is done outside the main playing season.  Click on the following link for a document that explains the changes:  Changes to Greens Aeration Document
This means that the greens are slow and bumpy at the moment.  The goods news is that they will be improving every day and we will not do this type of aeration again until late October.

Another item of note is that the location of the mirror on the fourth tee has moved to a tree behind the blue tee.  We set it up so that you stand on the cart path to get a view down the fourth hole.  We did this to avoid having a worn out spot on the grass where everyone stands to look through the mirror.

Tree climber installing the mirror near #4T
We are still cleaning up from the ice storm so you will see some branches and other debris around the course and possibly even the tree climbers working on removing broken limbs.  We also have some sod to install to cleanup after last fall's drainage installation.  We will be working on these and many other tasks as we move forward towards summer.  Welcome to the 2013 golf season!

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