Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Update

Well this was clearly not the forecast we were looking for!  Hopefully most of the freezing rain will miss us and everything will get back to normal soon.  The golf show is tomorrow night and normally we are able to announce an opening day for the range and sometimes even the course itself.  Unfortunately, this year we can't.  It would be a guess right now to predict opening dates and guessing does not help the situation.  Some warm, sunny weather would be welcome to get things going and put everyone in a better mood!  On another note, be sure to stop by the Greens Department table at the Golf Show since we will have interesting information regarding the course improvements scheduled for this fall.  Have a great weekend and hopefully my next update will bring better news!

1 comment:

Jim King said...

Hi Cory: any chance you can post the bunker reno info that was at the Golf Show?