Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching Up!

#4 on a dreary Friday
We are finally starting to catch up on a long list of tasks!  We have installed 36 pallets of sod over the past three weeks to tidy up some areas where trees were removed as well as some areas where fill was placed during the drainage work last fall.  Weedeating and mowing along the perimeters of the course is almost complete as well.  The spring came so late and so fast that we have really felt behind in a lot of areas.  The course is in great shape down the middle but some of the detail work was lacking.  Our priority is always with the main playing areas and we then work through "the list."  I feel we have now turned a corner and things should settle down a bit.  We still need to remove weeds and spread mulch in some out of play areas and install some interlocking brick in areas where our drainage work crossed cart paths.  We are also going to install some sod and plant some trees on the right side of #5 near the irrigation reservoir.  Speaking of tree planting, I met with Doug Carrick and our consulting Arborist recently to come up with a course wide tree planting plan.  This will be completed soon with more tree planting planned for the fall.

We are fortunate once again this year to have a great group of green staff who have been working hard to get the course up to our high standards.  With the very early mornings and weekend work it's not a job for everyone but we have a diligent and dedicated group.  One of my colleagues from the U.S. posted his iPhone alarm settings on Twitter which was good for a laugh but also rang true for a lot of us:

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