Saturday, July 27, 2013

Storm Pics

We are still cleaning up from the storm that hit a week ago yesterday.  Environment Canada reported that there was a 119 km/h wind gust in Waterloo which is the low end of a category one hurricane! In the end we removed 20 trees entirely about half of which were snapped off or uprooted...the others had severe structural damage and needed to be cut down.  Closing the course was necessary so that we could assess the damage and ensure the safety of members and guests before allowing access.  We had dangerous situations course wide that needed to be addressed before the course could be reopened.  The entire course was covered in leaves and debris that had to be cleaned up as well.  It will likely be the middle of next week before we are completely finished all the cleanup.  In the meantime we have had to sacrifice some of our regular golf course duties to free up staff for tree cleanup.  We employ a tree service for all of the climbing and felling of trees but the green staff does the cleanup.  Below are some pictures:

Snapped off Hickory at #16 Tee

Large branch hanging over the cart path on #14  There were many of these course wide.

Sugar Maple removal on #7. Rope is to ensure it does not fall on the fairway.  Leaf debris in rough!

Snapped of Sugar Maple hung up over the cart path from 14 green to 15 tee

Staff from All Green Tree Service climbing to cut down a broken limb near #15 tee

Uprooted Locust on #7

click to enlarge - dots are trees that needed some kind of attention.

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