Friday, May 8, 2015

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

What a great stretch of weather we are having!  It is always amazing to witness the transformation of the golf course in the spring.  We go from dull and brown to brilliant green in a few short weeks. The normal spring flush of growth is now upon us meaning the rough will be a little more challenging for the next couple of weeks.  We are still recovering from the greens aeration and are not yet at our regular height of cut or green speed.  The greens are healing a little more everyday and we are slowly lowering the height of cut and employing practices like brushing and rolling to increase green speed.  Thank you for your patience at this time - we will soon be back to our regular green speed and we won't be aerating again until late fall.  The off season aeration timing allows me to use very large diameter tines and get a lot of sand into our greens profiles.  I am very happy with the progress we have made in this regard.  Remember to fix your ball marks and leave the bunkers raked perfectly for your fellow members.  Pull carts should be taken around the green side bunkers and never between a bunker and green - this creates a lot of wear in a confined space making it difficult to grow healthy grass.  We do not like the aesthetics of roping these areas off and won't have to if everyone cooperates!  Here's a few of my favourite pictures from the last week or so:



#14 looking back

#18 looking back

Sunrise on #8

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