Thursday, August 18, 2016

Construction Update

We have had 4.5 inches of rain in the last 7 days which has delayed our cart path construction.  Our original plan was to pave the new paths last Monday which was then delayed until today.  Unfortunately, it is still too wet so the current plan is to pave on Monday the 22nd.  Hopefully it stops raining and we can complete the work and get everything cleaned up and sodded soon.

The recent rains have made things very soft
All the rain and humidity has also created some other problems.  Green speed has definitely been slower.  We have 85 year old greens that don't have internal drainage.  This means that when they get wet, they stay wet for longer than I would like which results in bigger ball marks and slower greens.  I can not push for green speed when they are soft because it will create other problems like scalping and mechanical injury.  We just have to wait until the greens dry out a little before we can get the greens back up to speed.  Late this fall, we will be trying a process known as, "drill and fill" on our greens. In a nutshell this puts deep channels of sand in our greens to help with internal drainage.  The expected result is that the greens will be more consistent in wet weather and not lose as much speed.  I will explain this process in more detail in the fall.  For now, we just have to hope for dryer weather going forward.

Please knock the sand off your shoes after exiting the bunker
   This morning I noticed that someone had played out of the bunker behind #3 green.  The raking in the bunker was not very well done and then sand was tracked on the green.  Please remember to knock the sand off your shoes before walking on the green and creating a mess for the golfers behind you to putt through.

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