Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will it Ever Stop Raining?

The almost daily showers and thunderstorms are driving us nuts! The thing that suffers the most is green speed. When the greens are soft, they are slow. In my experience fighting mother nature to try and achieve tournament conditions is never a good idea. Lowering the height of cut and aggressivly rolling when it's wet will only create more damage - both mechanical and disease related. The good news is that things are healthy and when we get a nice stretch of weather, we will be in a good position to be more aggressive with our maintenance practices.

The wet conditions have caused power carts to be cancelled several times as well. We know that frustration is high and that some members can't play when carts are off. However, the damage created by letting carts out when it's too wet will look ugly and last a long time. It is not a decision made carelessly - our job is to maintain the course at a high level over the entire season, not just on one or two days. We hope that you will understand.

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