Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Third Hole Opening on Friday!

After looking at the new third green carefully with Dave Oatis from the USGA Green Section, we have decided to open it for play on Friday May 29th. The green is in exceptional condition given its age. Turf cover and rooting depth are excellent. However, it is still relatively immature in the grand scheme of things. Since we don't know how the new green will react to the wear and tear of 200+ golfers per day, we are going to open it on a limited basis. This is to allow the green to rest and recover between days of full play. With the nice weather, golfers will be out in full force and we don't know how the green will react to the wear and tear until we actually play it. There is a risk that it will go backwards and begin to thin out. It is still a very young green and we only have this option of opening about three weeks earlier than expected becasue it has done so well.

The schedule for the first few weeks is as follows:

Friday May 29: Open
Saturday May 30: Closed
Sunday May 31: Open
Monday, June 1: Open
Tuesday June 2: Closed
Wednesday June 3: Closed
Thursday June 4: Open
Friday June 5: Closed
Saturday June 6: Open
Sunday June 7: Open
Monday June 8: Closed
Tuesday June 9: Open
Wednesday June 10: Open
Thursday June 11: Closed
Friday June 12: Open
Saturday June 13: Open
Sunday June 14: Closed
Monday June 15: Open

If the green tolerates golfer traffic well, we will fully open it sooner than the schedule dictates. Similarly, if it starts to decline, we will close it more often than the schedule dictates.

All in all it was a very successful project. I am sure you will enjoy the new hole.

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