Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Intermediate Cut

I have had a few questions regarding the intermediate cut of rough that we were mowing for the Canadian Junior Boys Championship. This is not something we have done in the past since our rough is very closely mown at 1.75 inches. At this height of cut, it is not necessary to have an intermediate cut since the intermediate itself is cut at 1.25 inches. This means that on days we don't mow the intermediate cut, you won't be able to see the difference between the two cuts. The rough for the Canadian Junior Boys was not cut for two weeks prior to the event and had grown to 3-4 inches making the intermediate necessary. It looked great and provided a beautiful transition between the fairway and long secondary rough. We had to borrow the mower to do this cut for the tournament but I have convinced the equipment supplier to leave it with us until at least Labour Day. We will continue to mow the intermediate cut in conjunction with leaving our secondary rough slightly higher than normal to provide the definition necessary to justify this cut. If the feedback from the members is positive, I can include the purchase of the mower in next year's capital budget.

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