Friday, September 11, 2009

September Already?

Labour Day is behind us and another season is starting to wind down. The weather has been fantastic and we are actually watering the course with our irrigation system which is a change!

The drainage installation on #3 approach went well but hasn't been tested by rain yet. We are leaving the drain lines open because we do not want to install sod (with soil) over top of the sand columns because it would greatly reduce the flow of water down to the drain tiles. The bentgrass will "creep" in over the lines this fall and they will no longer be visible.

Our trial with the intermediate cut is now over. We mowed the intermediate cut for the last time today and the equipment supplier is coming to pick up the mower on Monday. They were good enough to lend it to us free of charge for about 7 weeks to mow the intermediate for the junior tournament and then to conduct the trial. They now require the mower back so other golf courses can use it. During the last couple weeks, the closer on 18 was asking members if they wanted to keep the intermediate cut or return our rough cutting to the way we used to do it. More information will be available after the Green Committee has had a chance to go over the results and make a recommendation to the Board. For the rest of the fall, we will have no intermediate cut and we will lower the height of cut back down to what it was before the junior tournament.

Enjoy the great weather, we deserve it!

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