Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Busy...

(click to enlarge the pictures...)
The cart path near #4 green has been moved well to the left.

The new back tee on #15 - now 450 yards in length.

Since the course closed we have been busy blowing and mulching leaves. This is a huge task that must be completed before winter or we will have a real mess on our hands come spring. Before winter, we also need to deep tine all of the greens, fertilize, spray and topdress greens, tees, and fairways and then install the winter covers. The recent good weather has really helped us accomplish these goals...hopefully it continues.

We have completed some capital projects on the course this fall. A new back tee has been built on #15 strectching it to 450 yards. As well, we have rebuilt and relocated the cart paths near #7 green and #4 green. We have also reconfigured and recontructed the asphalt compound near the maintenance facility. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will be able to get the paths paved this fall. The earlier wet weather has put the paving crews behind. A similar scenario happened last fall and we were able to complete the paving before opening in the spring.

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