Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good from far but far from good!

From the fairway, #11 green looks ready to play on...

Slit seeding #17 green.

Seed growing from previous seeding; new slits

If you look at #11, 12, or 17 from a distance, you may wonder why they are not open for play yet. If you walk right up on them, you will see why. The recovery is progressing and things are getting better every day, however we still have a ways to go. Keeping the covers on the greens and the foot traffic off has helped tremendously. For example, this morning the air temperature was zero celsius but the soil temperature under the cover was 12C. The recovery process will be the quickest if we keep the soil warm and keep foot traffic off of the new seedlings.
Yesterday, we slit seeded the affected areas in two more directions to add to the seedlings already growing. If the weather stays sunny and we keep the covers on the greens to trap heat, we will be playing on the greens very soon.

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