Monday, April 5, 2010

Range Opening Saturday

Aerating #11 to prepare a seedbed.

Verticutting #12 to prepare a seedbed.

First the good news: The range will be opening on Saturday April 10th @ 9:00am. The hours of operation will be 9:00am -5:00pm. We will be hitting off the mats only and the Aberdeen Practice Area will not be open.
I am still not sure when the course will open. Things are slowly improving but it is now evident that we will have three temporary greens to start the season - #11, #12, and #17. Today, we aerated and verticut those greens to prepare a seedbed. Tomorrow we will seed, topdress and then cover them to stimulate seed germination and recovery.
I will have more information on the course opening date next Monday.
It's certainly not the spring I was hoping for but we are working diligently to make the recovery period as short as possible.

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