Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slowly Greening Up...

A couple of warm days on the weekend have greened things up a little.  Combine that with watching the Masters on TV and I'm sure everyone is ready to golf!  Unfortunately, we are still not ready to open the range or the course and I don't have a guess as to when that might be yet.  The weather forecast is not very favourable headng into the weekend right now.  Soil teperatures are still very low so there has not really been any growth yet.  Of course, we want the grass to be growing when we open so that it is able to recover from any damage caused by divots, ball marks, cart traffic, etc.  Stay tuned for more information... 

#9 Green starting to green up

We have also been busy repairing the irrigation reservoir.  Scott Kieswetter Construction has been on site since late March.  A portion of the northwest corner of the pond bank has been replaced with stable soils and we are installing the synthetic liner this week.  Once the liner is installed, we will be able to fill the reservoir up with water again so we are ready for irrigation season. 

Synthetic Liner Installation in Reservoir

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