Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drainage Update

#1 and #2 are now complete.  We have also added a catch basin to the left of the cart path near the fifth tee.  On Tuesday, we will continue on #7 between the tee and fairway and the only other spot to complete is #16 fairway.  On 16, we are adding another collector drain near the start of the fairway.  We will then sod all the areas in the rough that were disturbed and that will complete this first phase of drainage work.  The contractor will then return in mid October to install slit drains on fairways 8, 9, and 16. 

We had originally intended to install more collector drains on #5 this year but we have run into a bit of a snag.  It turns out the existing 6 inch drain that runs from the start of #16 fairway all the way to the open ditch behind #5 tee has a section that is not on grade.  More sepecifically, an area from the beginning of #13 fairway all the way to the open ditch behind #5 has two large areas where the drain runs uphill.  This explains a lot of the wet areas on #5 and #13.  The engineers are in the process of redesigning and pricing the replacement of that section of pipe.  The green committee has requested additional capital funds for drainage in 2012 so we will fit this new work into next year if the funds are approved. 

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