Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Update

What a spectacular stretch of weather!  I hope you are enjoying it.  The leaves are really starting to come down now so bear with us as we try to keep the main playing areas clear of leaves and mulch them in the rough. 

We are topdressing fairways today and tomorrow if the weather holds.  We had put off this important practice during aeration week because of the wet weather at the time. 

The drainage contractor has not given me a specific date for his return yet.  It should be sometime in the next few weeks and I will let you know as soon as I get a firm date.  He is finishing up a job in Vancouver before returning to Ontario.  There is only about 5 days of drainage work left to complete here at Westmount so it won't be as big of a disturbance to golf this time.

Everything we are doing now is targeted at building plant strength going into winter.  We want to give our turf the best chance for survival during the harsh winter months.  Some of the things we do to achieve this are:  raise the height of cut slightly, fertilize to build carbohydrates, decrease mowing frequency, spray preventatively for snow mould, topdress to help insulate the plant, and many other items.  The next month or so is critical to setting us up for success next year.    

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