Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#5 Rough Re-Sodding

Sod being installed on the right side of #5

A view from the green looking back
We are re-grading and re-sodding the rough on the right side of #5 this week.  This will allow us to level out all the settling in the peat bog which will provide a smoother surface for walking, riding, and mowing. This is similar to what we did between 5 and 13 a few years ago.  The new grass will also provide a more consistent lie for your golf ball.


Ground Penetrating Radar on the Putting Green
We have had some issues with the grass on the putting green this season.  In a nutshell, the green was very wet throughout the season despite not being watered.  Grass - and especially bentgrass - does not like "wet feet" and the green thinned out to unnacceptable levels.  Since these problems weren't there in prior years, I believe that there is a subsurface drainage issue happening.  The green was built in 1987 and I have no records detailing it's construction.  The picture above shows the green being scanned with ground penetrating radar.  This will give us a picture of what's beneath the surface including drainage pipes, irrigation pipes, and depth of rootzone mix.  This information will help us diagnose the problem and come up with a solution.

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