Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally some Rain (OK some of it was snow!)

Even though Monday and Tuesday were not great for golf, we received some much needed precipitation.  As you can see, the golf course is sparkling green right now.  As the weather continues to improve we will start gearing our maintenance practices towards quicker, smoother greens.  This will mean topdressing again before the Men's and Ladies Opening Events and getting on a more regular mowing and rolling schedule.  Up to now, we have not been pushing for green speed at all even though we probably had decent speeds on some days.  For the turf, the spring is for growing roots and getting healthy so it can withstand the more extreme weather in June, July, and August.  Everything we do to achieve fast greens (mowing low, rolling, limiting water and fertilizer to name a few) is at odds with growing healthy turf.  The last thing we want to do is jeopardize summer conditions by being too aggressive in the spring.

We continue to have almost daily frost delays.  Please understand that we need to get out before the golfers to perform our tasks ahead of play.  We will try not to hold you back any more than necessary but being caught by golf makes for very slow, inefficient work.  Thanks for your patience!

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