Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orion's Return

Lots of clippings on #10
The much needed rain and cooler temperatures have created an incredible surge in growth.  We are behind in mowing the fast growing rough and there are clippings everywhere!  We're doing our best to catch up and tidy up all the messy looking clippings.  It's actually a good thing because it says to me that we are over the toughest part of the season.  The nights are getting noticeably longer and cooler and the grass is loving it!  Soon Orion will appear before dawn in the southeastern sky...this is my astronomical reminder that fall is coming...and that the summer stress season is behind us. 

This nicer weather also means that we can now return to pushing a little more for green speed.  Our maintenance practices were very defensive over the last month and these adjustments have paid off.  The grass is very healthy and the height of cut can now be dropped a little and more frequent rolling resumed.  As well, we will topdress and verticut all the greens in the next week as weather permits.  This will help to maintain smooth, fast greens going forward.  The third green has recovered and we will be dropping the height of cut on it this week so it will be treated the same as all of the other greens.  It was a long, stressful summer but we are now well positioned to have a great late summer and fall. 

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