Saturday, August 31, 2013

Renovation Update #3

It's been another busy week on holes 11 and 12.  We have been delayed slightly by rain but are still on schedule.  Highlights include:
  • Installation of drainage pipes and the gravel blanket on #12 green.  The next step is to install the rootzone mix.
  • Installation of the main drainage collector pipe on #12 - this pipe will direct all of the drainage water to a dry well near the 15th black tee.
  • Re-installation of irrigation on #12.  Before construction we had to disconnect the irrigation inside the work areas since it will get destroyed by the changes in grades.
  • Lowering of the hill on #11 fairway.  This has been a big change and the green can now be seen from the gully at 120 yards.  The birdhouse will no longer be necessary!
  • Carving out the subgrade on #11 green as well as the green side bunker.
Doug Carrick spent all day Friday on site guiding the shaper on the 11th fairway and green as well as painting out the bunker outline on #11.  The original plan called for a fairway bunker about 100 yards out on the left side and also a left green side bunker.  After close examination and some good discussion, Doug has decided to eliminate these two bunkers.  This is an example of how a two dimensional plan does not always translate into the real world.  Building bunkers and greens is similar to an artist building a sculpture - there is a general idea to begin with but modifications are made constantly as the sculpture is being created.  We are fortunate to have Doug's full attention on this project and I am confident the end result will be exceptional.

Installation of gravel blanket on 12 green

View from 12 tee - bunkers are taking shape

Doug Carrick explaining what he wants to George the shaper

Doug shaping the green side bunker on #11

Panorama view of the construction on 11 and 12 (click to enlarge) 

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