Saturday, August 24, 2013

Renovation Update #2

It's been a busy but productive week of construction on the course.  We had two site meetings with Doug Carrick and he has approved the sub-grade of the 12th green and painted the outline of the green side bunkers.  The sub grade is important because the rest of the green will be built with the same grades to ensure proper performance.  If all goes well, we should be planting the green with aerator cores sometime next week.

We have stripped and saved all of the sod on #11 and have started to work on lowering the hill short of the green.  The goal is to improve the sightlines from 100 yards in.  This will be achieved by raising the low spot at (120 yards )and the new green slightly and lowering the hill.  We will also fill in front of the green to remove the harsh transition slope there.

At the same time our drainage engineer Steve Ami has been on site to help determine the drainage outlets for the new bunkers.  This involves digging in the bunkers to find the existing outlet drain and then determining whether it is adequate for the new bunker or not.  A drainage profile for the bunker can then be drawn up and provided to the installation crew when the bunker is rebuilt.

Laying out the perimeter of #12 green

Doug Carrick checking the internal contours of the green

Softening some slopes as per Doug's instructions

Finished sub-grade with bunker outlines painted

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