Monday, September 30, 2013

Renovation Update #5

We've been busy over the last two weeks!  The 11th green has been sprigged and seeded and the sod has been re-layed in the fairway.  We even had enough sod left over to expand the approaches a little on 5 and 6 as well as realigning the right side of the fairway on 13.  The results are very nice and there has been very positive member reaction.  There is germination on the 11th green and I have already cut the 12th green once.  We have rebuilt the bunkers at #5 Green, #6 Green and #7 Fairway.  The bunkers at #7 Green are in progress.  We still have a long way to go but the results so far are excellent.

Please stay off the new sod to the extent that you can.  The steep slopes and bunker edges in particular are areas you should not walk.  We will be purchasing ball retrievers in the near future to facilitate removing your ball from the new bunkers until the sod is rooted and ready for traffic.

Special note to dog walkers or those that know them:  I was very disappointed to see that a dog had ran across and dug into the newly sprigged 11th green.  The Club's rule is that dogs are supposed to be on leash at all times when on our property.  I ask you to respect this rule and the hard work we are doing to improve the golf course.

#5 Green side bunkers ready for sand
#11G with seed germinating

#12G has been mown once.

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