Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Course Opening!

The course will open for play on Saturday April 25th @ 8:00am. Tee times will be first come first served - please contact the pro shop for details.

We were hoping to get open sooner but the weather has really not cooperated. We still have quite a few greens that are lagging behind in growth and we haven't had the traditional spring flush of growth yet. I realize that Friday is forecasted to be a nice day but the turf really needs that day to recover a little more.

We will be opening with 16 holes in play. Both the third hole and 12th hole will be closed. We are shooting for the weekend of May 2nd to be playing the 12th green (just not on the new sod) and then splitting #7 as it was last fall until the third hole is ready for play. The putting green will be closed for about a month until it is ready to play on. You will be able to putt on the blue tee on #1 and at the Aberdeen practice area until the putting green opens. The weather will play a large role in when both the third green and the putting green open so lets cross our fingers for some warm temeratures.

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