Friday, May 1, 2009

Course Update

The 12th green will open for play on Saturday May 2nd. We will be keeping the pin on the front two tiers away from the sodded area at the back. We are gradually lowering the height of cut on the new sod in conjunction with rolling and topdressing. The repaired area should match the rest of the green in about a month.

The third green is doing quite well. We are lowering the height of cut in conjunction with topdressing and rolling. It should be ready for play in mid-June - possibly sooner. From the 4th tee, the new green looks good enough to putt on now but you really have to walk over to it to see why it is not ready.

Similarly, the putting green is also doing well. I cut it for the first time today. It should open around the same time as #3 as we are treating them both the same in terms of height of cut and maintenance practices.

Until the third green opens, the green and golf committees have decided that we will play a 17 hole golf course. That means we will not be splitting #7 but playing it as a par 5. This is to gauge member reaction to playing 17 regular holes versus playing 18 holes with one hole split as we did last fall. This will help us know what to do with future renovation projects that involve taking a green out of play. Let us know which method you prefer.

One last point: We are being very conservative with green speeds at the moment. We had a very harsh winter in which we lost some grass and were close to losing a lot more. We are trying to build healthy plants before we subject them to intense maintenance. This will help ensure the greens are good all season long.

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