Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Conditions

#9 Green - covered with solid plastic greens cover but still some damage

#12 Green - not covered, significant damage

#3 Green - covered, no damage.

Well it's not as bad as I feared it would be but it's certainly not perfect either. After a winter that produced an extended period of ice cover, last week's spectacular warm spell was welcome. The snow and ice melted and we were able to remove the covers from the greens. I really thought there would be quite a bit more damage than there is. When it comes to putting greens, no damage is desirable but at least we now know what we are dealing with. The hardest hit green appears to be #12 with lesser damage on #4, #9, and #11. We have already taken action on #12 by applying black sand and covering it with a permeable greens cover. This will help elevate the soil temperature which will stimulate recovery. We brought some cup cutter plugs inside from various areas on #12 green and some of them greened up and some didn't. It's still too early to tell whether it will need to be closed for some period of time or not. More consistently warm and sunny days will help.
We have called our seasonal staff back in and are starting our spring clean up.
Before you ask, it's still too early to tell when the course will open!
I will be updating this blog more regularly now that spring is here so keep checking back for the most up to date information on spring conditions and course opening.

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