Monday, May 9, 2011

The Rough!

All of the precipitation received in April combined with some recent warm, sunny days is producing the 'perfect storm' for grass growth.  This spring flush of growth happens every year but this year may be worse given the weather.  We do not have enough equipment to keep up with the fast growing grass during this time because the extra equipment needed would be redundent and go unused for the rest of the season.  We usually cut the step cut and then one pass around the outside of the step cut at the beginning of the week before moving outward.  This is intended to make it a little more forgiving the closer you are to the fairway. 

A few tips from the pro shop staff to help you get yourself out of the heavier stuff:

1. Instead of hitting a traditional fairway wood which will not cut through the rough well, choose a hybrid or in extreme cases a mid to short iron.  Getting back on the fairway will be better than leaving it in the rough!

2.  Focus on hitting the ball first.  While this is always good advice, it is particularly important in heavy rough.  Any grass between the club and ball will cause problems. 

3.  Smooth tempo with your driver will result in more fairways hit. 

We are doing our best to keep up and the growth will slow down in the not too distant future...

Cutting Rough on #1

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Jim King said...

Course has never been better at this time of year. Congrats!